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ActivBoard 078 high performance price ratio and easy to use

ActivBoard 078 series are of high quality and low price, easy to use, suitable for preliminary digital teaching environment, support the basic teaching software, to meet the demand of the foundation of any school teaching, It is entry-level product to create interactive classroom, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of the digital teaching.


Adopt the most advanced passive electromagnetic interactive electronic whiteboard technology, Uses the passive wireless electromagnetic pen, and write with a tracking rate as high as 5 m/s, support continuous speed writing pen, It is sensitive and responsive, without delay.

The 078 series

The integral board us alloy steel, the surface coating adopts polyester membrane materials, better display quality, and smooth surface for writing.
Hit resist
Anti Injury
ESD free
Rub Resist
Anti Stain
High contrast

ActivBoard 078 provides ActivInspire software -a new generation of interactive teaching in the teaching system, establishing economical digital classroom.

ActivBoard 078 interactive electronic whiteboard
Using 78 inches specifications, the screen is 4:3.
ActivBoard 078 series offers a variety of installation methods: direct wall fixed installation, embedded blackboard integrated installation, fixed height support system; provide a variety of support, can be equipped with ordinary, short and ultra short projectors.


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