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ActivBoard 100 Series
Interactive information teaching set sail from here
High performance and low price 
Adopt the most advanced passive electromagnetic technology, uses wireless electromagnetic pen, and write with high tracking rate, support continuous speed writing pen, It is sensitive and responsive, without delay. USB supplies power and data transfer. Surface is coated with polyester film material, and provides better display quality, resisting performance is good, no static, high abrasion resistance, fire prevention, anti stain, anti glare, anti reflection, high gain, high contrast, smooth surface for writing.


Strong expansibility, enhance the level of application
ActivBoard 100 series provides 78 inches of specifications, with Aspect Ratio 4:3. Except for basic functions, it can be further upgrade, with the required accessories to further enhance the performance of the ActivBoard to meet the various digital teaching requirements, such as long-distance operation of ActivBoard or collecting feedback data from students. It is the optimum starting point to establish the digital teaching and learning environment.
Support ActivInspire teaching software with perfect functions
ActivBoard 100 series is combined with a new generation of interactive teaching software- ActivInspire, provide abundant teaching functions, convenient editing tools to make courseware,  building cost-effective digital teaching environment.
Easy installation, low requirements for decoration
ActivBoard 100 series offer a variety of installation methods: direct wall fixed installation, embedded blackboard integrated installation, fixed height support system; provide a variety of support, can be equipped with ordinary and short projectors.


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