Promethean® ActiView


Advanced photographic technology, present ultra clear pictures

8 millionpixels high definition camera/CMOS opticalsensors
2 timesnondestructive zoom and 8 times digital zoom
Automatic focusing and white balance

30 frames per second of video capture make the picture clear, all natural

Video recording frame frequency up to 30 frames per second

Image capture range reached more than A3surface

The output resolution of , 1080P,built-in microphone

Video and audio are recorded at the same time

According to the environment, such as light intensity to adjust the brightness and color

Compared to screen contrast static or dynamic images

Control panel is simple, support core functions /equipped with remote control/gooseneck connection technology, lens and fill light can be turned easily

HDMI output port and VGA output port, easy conversion

Built-in Android system

Direct access to the U disk, read the file
Open Word, PPT and PDF format graphics files and video files
Access to the Internet
More available tablets, smart phones, mobile control ActiView820.
Teachers can be in any corner of the classrooms to remark on display materials, vivid teaching is more popular.
  • AV820 booth with the computer via USB cable connection
  • More than one AV820 booth with computers through wired or wireless network connection
The perfect combination with teaching software
Integration of Promethean whiteboard software, convenient to grab pictures and video recording, and insert them into the the page of courseware.


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