Support group study and multiusers collaboration
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We know children are growing up little by little…
There are 3 types of ActivTable to fit all ages children
ActivTable is equipped with three legs specifications. Each model contains surface and legs, which are identified as Model
ActivTable、ActivTable-S and ActivTable-L
  • ActivTable-L
    Bottom height:692mm
    Overall height:835mm
  • ActivTable
    Bottom height:582mm
    Overall height:725mm 
  • ActivTable-S
    Bottom height:472mm
    Overall height:615mm


Original No direction system interface, 46 inches super big operation screen, support 32 points simultaneous touch, support 1-6 students use at the same time
The activities are suitable for group learning. Group learning can cultivate students' communication and collaboration skills, creativity and ability to analyze and solve problems.
Activities Demo
  • Kindergarten Activity
  • Primary school Activity
  • Secondary school Activity
Teachers can make activities by themselves, Wizard making activity template, Follow the tips to add contents to finish interesting group activities
There are more than two hundred activities right now. We can look forward more and more
sturdy and durable, easy to move, and focus on students’safety


Access to Classroom Solutions
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Learn and have fun!
There more than 100 group learning activities in ActivTable, and there are even more colorful content to download continuously. Teachers can also customize the content of activities to meet the teaching need of their subjects.
Super practical toolkits help inquiry learning
There are more than 30 tools for students to use in ActivTable, encouraging students to explore further learning, such as virtual keyboard, writing and painting board, music instrument, mathematical tools and web browsers, and a resource library of more than 15000 materials. Imagine how many kinds of activities the students can do.
Easy to participate and simple learning solution
The desktop ratio is 16:9, with a resolution of up to 1920*1080