FX-79E2/89WE2 Series
FX-79E2/89WE2 StarBoard series of interactive electronic whiteboard, combined with StarBoard  professional teaching software, providing high performance and competitive price, is good teaching essential equipment.


Entirely through the fingers, indicating operating bar, do not need special electronic pen

The whiteboard surface using high-quality steel, and antireflection coating, visual effect is more comfortable. Narrow frame design, the border width is only 4 cm. Supports multi-touch and gesture recognition, it's convenient for more users to operate at the same time. On each side there are 15 function buttons, convenient and quick to use. There are common and widescreen two models to choose, fit for different space. Whiteboard is pluged and can be used, no need to install driver.

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 Support multi-touch and gesture recognition

Support intelligent gesture recognition, handwriting recognition can identify eight languages. Can realize 6 touch points, 6 persons can operate or write on the whiteboard at the same time. You can enlarge or reduce and move or rotate text and images according to what you want.

Solid surface and selected board material

StarBoard uses high quality cold-rolled steel, surface is coated with anti reflection coating, backplane using galvanized steel sheet. Anti glare, anti attack and it is strong, not easy to deformed, and it’s also light and durable. There are 15 function keys on both sides of the board as shortcut. There are 4 keys for users to customize.


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