SONY Automatic Recording System Solution

Professional Program Director 

HD Yuntai Camera

Automatic Recording Control Host


Broadcasting System Structure

  • Collection:  Video classroom

    Postioning: recording and collecting original material

    Focus: high quality video/audio recording, normalized auto recording, manual recording of critical classes

  • Edit/ Storage:  Make up/Media Resources system

    Postioning: Original course material editor post-production material/ The finished product effectively preserved

    Focus: Fast and efficient course edit catalog, retrieval, long-term preservation

  • Application: Education resources cloud platform 

    Positioning: Users access to education resources platform

    Focus: Massive live broadcasting/ On-demand  content management
    user management/network/equipment management

  • Network

    Postioning: Connect users, schools and cloud platform

    Focus: Campus network

    Local Area Network
    User Network


Recoring Program Process

Step1 Record Classes

Step2 Edit and Save Classes

Step3 Live and Demand Broadcast Classes


Sony Recording System List
SONY Automatic recording System solution contains LRS - 1, LRS -2, and LRS - 3 systems. The three systems, each having own features, are designed for different applications and requirements.
  • LRS-1
    Broadcast Level
  • LRS-2
    Professional Level
  • LRS-3
    Entry Level


 LRS - 1 system
High quality manual or automatic integrated recording solution designed specially for excellent course recording. Using innovative combinations of HD video camera + program production director and Pan&Tilt AWS-750+ auto recording host control, and having excellent picture quality of broadcast, and convenient automatic tracking taped performance two bright spots, to meet the requirements of application in various occasions.
XPRI nonlinear editing system

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Parameter is set with handle equipment

Fast and smart editing functions

Advanced editing features

Media resources management system

Concentrated and unified management

Video online editting

Virtual clip

Easy micro classes

Media resources cloud platform

Rich subject resources

Online evaluation

Famous teacher workshop


SONY professional integration program production platform AWS-750

·Broadcast level audio and video quality
·Rich subtitles, special effects and a picture-within-a-picture effect
·One button to generate high-quality courses
·The built-in green screen matting function


Powerful program recording host
designed for AWS-750

Embedded framework,Linux system ——stability、antivirus、anti attack
Intellectual image analysis technology——no need external tracking host,no need external additional auxiliary camera
Automatic navigation system—Control AWS-750 switch operator automatically,rich picture switching effect
Maximum support 200 channel streaming media live or on demand——according to users’ role classification management
Support multi format resource recording

Broadcast level high quality wireless Microphone

·1/2.8 Exmor CMOS High quality imaging device
·Broadcast level audio and video quality
·30 times zoom
·63.7 degree angle
·View-DR wide dynamic range