The VP BOX Windows demo system

Improve the effect of teaching, speech, releasing, and discussion by one step. The same hall instantly turns into a lecture hall, conference room, hall, screens, video conference hall, large screen window in the information age more ideal choice. It’s suitable for teaching, training, exhibition, conferences, meetings, fashion design, case analysis, medical teaching, games and other applications.

Three types vpb-4640 vpb-4610 vpb-2620

Support various input source

Built-in multiple HD interface, connection broadcast equipment, PTZ camera, video conference, etc.;

Support 4 k, high-definition, fusion and other resolution, adaptive projection, television, LED;

Support for multiple sources at the same time, according to include high-definition real-time signals, computer, pictures, video files, such as PPT document, Internet page.

HD PTZ camera access, easy scheduling
Layout is a flexible, easy to change

17 preset screen layout templates, support custom;

Integration standard case, built-in image fusion/partition function, simplify the system complexity easily.

Wireless mouse and tablet devices flexible control of the demos
Tablet PC/mobile wireless control, free scheduling display content



System Advantage
  • Promote demonstration effect is a powerful tool, for the ordinary users of teaching, training, display brings unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, greatly increase the demonstration effect, improve the interactivity

  • Suitable for all kinds of applications, such as teaching, training, seminars, celebrations, conferences, presentations, etc

  • 3 types, adapted to the display method of 4K, high definition twin machine melting etc.

  • Super high quality image, vivid display effect

  • Very direct operation, easy to learn

  • Unified mainframe, easy installation