Vision Exchange

Interactive presentation & active learning solution
Powerful collaboration / sharing tools
  1. Interactive learning
  2. Group collaboration
  3. Distance learning
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Interactive classroom

Simple drag and drop operation mode, intuitive user interface, all kinds of terminal seamless compatibility, active interaction and sharing, simple and convenient way of preservation, stimulate students' learning enthusiasm.

Group collaboration

Based on the collaborative learning environment,the whole team and teachers can brainstorm together and cooperate with each other, so that students in the group can show their contents at will, and carry out group discussions more smoothly and effectively, and share creative ideas.

Distance teaching

Easy operation, can annotate on the screen, can share whiteboard, tablet or smart mobile phone content to the remote, can save the screenshot pictures, can invite the remote students to join the discussion, and let the remote students enjoy teaching just as being present, and also communicate and share teaching content smoothly.

For teachers:

Teachers control all the contents and can supervise the content of each group. The user interface is intuitive and easy to operate. Large screen displays the teaching contents or shares the results of each group's discussion. It can also send the content to the small screens of each group, which is efficient, intuitive and easy to configure. It's an ideal choice for the school to establish a collaborative learning environment.

For students:

Students can bring their own learning devices to classroom, share their multimedia content by mirroring, which can improve their engagement of learning. Students can also annotate, write on group screen to share ideas with classmates easily. Pictures can be saved by the screenshot, so the effect of learning is further improved.

Usage scenarios

Big screen shows the teaching content, teachers present,annotate, shares and sends content by teacher's end. Students learn in group form, and connect personal laptop, tablet PC or smart phone device to the group platform to learn collaboratively. Groups use annotation tools or labels to record the results of the discussion and save snapshot to downloaded to personal devices.

Sharing collaboration takes only three steps

Vision Exchange • Hardware composition

BRAVIA Touch Screen

Laser Projector

VE system PEQ-C130


SRG-301SE PTZ Camera

SONY Audio system

Vision Exchange • Software composition

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