Classic interactive classroom

Classic Interactive Classroom Solution is most regular multimedia classroom solution for teachers to use at present. Teachers use interactive whiteboard or touch screen as the core equipment, and interactive software and powerful desktop visualizer and other accessories, enhancing teaching demonstration effect and enriching the teaching methods, so it's the first selection in multimedia interactive classroom.
In order to guarantee flexibility of teaching, you can also add a wireless tablets, realizing remote control electronic whiteboard or interactive display; To use electronic wand, writing teaching creativity and passion; Double pen, enhances the classroom fun of the competition, and form a complete set of physical booth, wireless public address, and other functions, to build the new teaching environment more convenient, more interactive.

  • ActivSlate
  • ActivWand
  • ActivSound
  • ActivArena
  • ActiView


Classic classroom scenarios

Electronic whiteboard or interactive screen combined with the traditional blackboard, there can be a push-pull embedded design. The teacher in the interactive content on the whiteboard, motivate students to interact, you can also vote with physical booth and feedback devices allowing students to transfer student work or real-time data collecting students answer.


Classic classroom·Advantage
Classic classroom·Software composition
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Classic classroom·Software composition