The future collaboration classroom

Prometheus future collaborative classroom, students can be divided into several groups, each group of six people, team members in Prometheus interactive complete study to explore the activity on the desk. By Prometheus ActivConnect platform, the interaction of the collaborative learning desks and main touch screen display learning resources together. Teachers can display on screen operation, teaching content, also can show a group of learning outcomes. Can be issued the student page automatically, at any time issued images, audio, web, video and other resources, also can through the preset good random answers questions, problems or class to enhance student participation and enthusiasm, and can real-time understand students on the degree of master courses, adjust the teaching content, improve the classroom efficiency, implement differentiation teaching.


Collaborative classroom·scene in the future

Students in the interactive on the desk, can be implemented within the group collaborative learning, have mutual discussion object, have a friend learning from each other, have everyone can learn operation platform.


Future cooperative class·Advantage


Future cooperative class·Hardware composition
ActivPanel Touch
Interactive class·Software composition