Intelligent network classroom

Prometheus, hughes network intelligence class by Prometheus hughes ClassFlow cloud platform, teachers before class can login from any web browser anywhere, anytime and cloud platform and network for data sorting, collection and planning. Students in the class with mobile devices (tablet, collection, notebook computer, etc.) connected, can be issued the student page automatically, at any time issued images, audio, web, video and other resources, also can through the preset good random answers questions, problems or class to enhance student participation and enthusiasm, and can real-time understand the student's control in the course, adjust the teaching content, improve the classroom efficiency, implement differentiation teaching.


Interactive course·a scene

Teachers can online lessons, easily share the excellent teaching courseware, and online teaching, students with personal intelligent terminal, can share the content of the teacher issued, feedback and participate in class.


Interactive Class·Advantage


Intelligent network classroom·Hardware composition
ActivPanel Touch
Interactive class·Software composition