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    一、Using the ActivBoard 100, 300 and 300 Pro for the first time


    ActivBoard 100                              ActivBoard 300 Standard                         ActivBoard 300 Pro
    The ActivBoard 100, 300 and 300 Pro range is not shipped with a software or driver CD/DVD. In order to use your ActivBoard for the first time, you are required to download ActivInspire and the ActivDriver to enable you to use your ActivBoard.
    Download ActivInspire from our Support site, selecting the language and operating system required.
    Use your hardware serial number and product code to generate a serial number to upgrade to ActivInspire Professional Edition, if applicable.
    Once you have downloaded ActivInspire, open up the installer package on your computer by double clicking on it, and follow the on-screen wizard. If you are using a Mac, when you open the package, you will have separate installers for ActivInspire and ActivManager (ActivDriver) – both elements must be installed in order to use ActivInspire with your ActivBoard.
    If you have an ActivInspire Professional Edition Activation Code when you launch ActivInspire for the first time, you will be asked to enter this 20-digit code. Once you have entered it, Professional Edition will be unlocked on the computer.